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The well-known ice cream shop from the Waasland area was founded in 1928

At that time, the ice cream shop was located in the Ankerstraat 146 in Sint-Niklaas, right across the former movie theater Palace. In a small room with only four tables, vanilla and mocha were the only available flavors.

The move

In the 60s, the business moved to number 34 in the same street. In 1987, the ice cream shop was taken over by the current owners. The ice cream menu was significantly expanded but the original basic recipe remained. In November 2000, the shop underwent a true metamorphosis. Cremerie François got a cozy terrace, a back entrance and a parking with roundabout on ‘het Zwijgershoekje’. The authentic building got expanded and got a modern interior.


Today, cremerie François has room for 180 customers. In 2005, new investments were made in the workplace. The purchase of the most sophisticated machines and the strict compliance with the rigorous  HACCP regulations leads to ice cream of the highest quality.

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Jaarlijkse vakantie

vanaf maandag 21/10 tot en met donderdag 7/11. 

Op zondag 20/10 sluiten wij de deuren om 19 uur.